Fort Worth

Scammers Pose As Fort Worth Court Employees

Police: Scammers targeting the elderly with threatening phone calls

Police in Fort Worth warn scammers are using phone calls to threaten residents to make payments on fake warrants.

According to police, residents have received phone calls from people claiming to be Municipal Court "marshals". The callers threaten arrest if money isn't immediately paid through a wire transfer.

Police said callers have demanded amounts ranging from $500 to $2,000 per call.

Municipal Court employees do not call people at their homes to collect payments. The court sends letters in the mail if a warrant needs attention.

Between 25 to 40 people have been targeted by phone scammers in Fort Worth alone, and many of the targets are older residents, according to police.

Police warn to never send money to anyone without knowing, for certain, who you're speaking to and what the payment is for.

To check your warrant status, call the Warrants Office at 817-392-8665 or check online here.

If you have received a bogus call, call investigators at 817-335-4222.

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