Save the Air, Report a Fumigator

#SMOKE makes reporting smoking vehicles easier

The next time you see smoke pouring from a vehicle’s tailpipe you can immediately report the polluter by dialing #SMOKE from your cell phone.

The number is part of the Regional Smoking Vehicle Program's (RSVP) effort to make it easier for individuals to help improve the Metroplex's air quality.  It stems from a partnership between the North Central Texas Council of Governments and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Texas law prohibits visible motor vehicle exhaust for 10 consecutive seconds and requires North Texas vehicles to annually pass an emissions test -- but there are still high-polluting vehicles on the road.

North Texans are urged to report them using #SMOKE, which is a free call with most wireless providers, the organization said. Once you dial the number you’ll be asked to give the smoking vehicle’s Texas license plate number, along with where and when it was spotted. 

The owners of reported vehicles will receive a letter that explains the importance of regular vehicle maintenance, and information on solutions like the AirCheckTexas Drive a Clean Machine Program. That program offers financial assistance for eligible vehicle owners to pay for emissions-related repairs.

RSVP then sends a follow-up survey to see how the vehicle’s owner responded.  The organization said more than 1,500 surveys have been returned. While 431 respondents have repaired the reported vehicle, about 100 others said the reported vehicle was no longer in operation.

Drivers can also report vehicles by dialing 817-704-2522 or visiting: Since the program launched in March 2007, approximately 15,350 vehicles have been reported, the organization said.

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