Santa Claus Look-Alike Kicked Out of Six Flags Over Texas

A North Texas grandfather closely resembling Santa Claus was kicked out of Six Flags Over Texas on Saturday.

"They told me I look too much like Santa Claus and they can't have it," said Jerry Henderson.

Henderson, a Burleson resident, has season passes to Six Flags. Henderson was celebrating his granddaughter's birthday with family before he was asked to leave the park.

"Next thing I know, I have five security guards there and one of them is telling me that I have to leave. I asked him why and he said I look too much like Santa Claus," said Henderson. "He said I needed to go home, shave off my beard, and I'd be more than welcome to come back to the park."

Henderson said he has been a year-round Santa since 1997. He said he's often asked by other families to take pictures.

On Saturday, Henderson said he was approached by several parents and their children.

"I take the picture, hand them the candy cane, and tell them have a great day at the park," said Henderson. "All I do is put my arm around them and the picture is taken."

Henderson has a clean record and no criminal offenses.

In a statement to NBC 5, Six Flags Over Texas spokeswoman Sharon Parker said: "We apologize that Mr. Henderson was inconvenienced, but the safety of our guests is always our highest priority. We cannot knowingly allow individuals who are not approved by the park to interact with small children in this capacity. Mr. Henderson was handing out candy to our younger guests and was dressed up as Santa which is in violation of our No Costume policy. When asked to change he refused and at that point was asked to leave."

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