Sanders Delegate Causes Uproar Among Texas Democrats

Members of the Texas delegation to the Democratic National Convention invited Bernie Sanders supporters to be recognized during a meeting Tuesday morning as a show of unity.

But with eight words, one Sanders delegate created an uproar.

"We are currently condemning our current presumptive nominee," said Russell Lytle, a Denton County delegate.

Delegates yelled at him to get off the stage.

Sanders' Texas director, Jacob Limon, tried to get control, but it took some time.

"I understand their position. I was there in '08. My heart got ripped out too, but I did what my leader Hillary Clinton told us to do. We voted for Obama," said a Clinton delegate.

Other Sanders supporters were angry too, saying that Russell Lytle went rogue and did not represent their feelings.

"I am a diehard Bernie person. I stepped off the stage when I heard that. That is the kind of stuff that is unnecessary in politics," said Alec Mondello, a Clinton supporter.

Lytle quickly left the room after the chaos. Outside, he apologized to the delegation.

"I hope they forgive my word choice, my horrible word choice this morning," said Lytle.

Lytle said time will tell if his word choice was counterproductive.

"We can only tell that after discussions with our fellow democrats," he added.

Later in the day, Lytle issued a statement apologizing, and he voluntarily withdrew his convention credentials.

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