Sam's Favorite Holiday Toys of the Season

From stocking stuffers to the techie toys, 'tis the season for flying gadgets, noise makers and parents wondering "what in the world does my child want?"

To ease your mind, these are my favorites that may go over well in your home.

If you can still find Torch my Blazin' Dragon, grab him now.

Torch responds to touch, and breathes flame colored mist that can toast a fake marshmallow. He's an awesome pal for any kid, 'cause what kid doesn't want a pet dragon? I want him myself!

The next toy is definitely kid-approved:

"Hey Chip, lay down."

It's Chip, and I can't get enough of him either!

"So the thing about Chip is he understands my voice commands, he also understands hand commands," said Toy Insider mom, Laurie Schact.

Chip is robotic, so think of him as a cleaner alternative to the real deal.

Maybe a pet monkey is more your kids' style. Zoomer the chimp has got it going on! And he's got some moves. Zoomer follows voice commands and knows how to have a good time.

For the little girls that dream big, the Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Care Cart is a go-to gift.

"We have X-ray machines; we can do an EKG over here," Schact explained.

Now this next toy may bust the budget a little bit, but it is cool! Mario Kart Quadcopter can be flown indoors, but kids should fly with caution.

"This is for children eight and up, so eight and 'us'," Schact said.

And if you're looking for a smaller gift, the mini arcade games get my vote.

"This is not only a great stocking stuffer," said Schact.

Pac-man and Space Invaders are back, but this time around, they fit in your hand. I may keep one to myself, maybe even keep one at my desk. Just don't tell my boss.

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