Sailor from Texas Drowns While Kayaking

The Island County sheriff's office says two enlisted men from the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station were not equipped for cold and windy waters when they went halibut fishing from kayaks off the island and drowned.

Det. Ed Wallace says they were in 10-foot, open, lake kayaks, wearing jeans and shorts and recreational life vests. Although the air temperature was 70 Saturday afternoon, the water temperature was 52, and winds were blowing about 20 mph.

Know one knows what caused them to capsize. Bodies and overturned kayaks were found Sunday morning.

The cause of death was salt water drowning with hypothermia.

The Navy says both worked as aviation machinists with Electronic Attack Squadron 129. They are 21-year-old Joseph Tindol Lee of Kingsville, Texas, and 25-year-old Vinson Cagzoo Ya of Sacramento, California.

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