Safety Concerns Increase for Northeast Dallas Roadway

Multiple car crashes, speeding and distracted driving is a problem many North Texans see on a day-to-day basis.

Families in the Northeast Dallas community of Lakewood say the problem is getting worse as several crashes have occurred between Lakewood and Monticello off of Abrams Road.

Residents notice drivers speeding and weaving in and out of their lane. Most recently a driver lost control, jumped the curb, ran over a homeowner's bushes, hit a tree and then crashed into a utility pole. A few weeks ago, a driver came feet away from the front door of a home off Abrams Road near Vickery Boulevard.

In the past two years, several traffic studies have been conducted. Residents would like to see another traffic signal place along Abrams. According to the city of Dallas, crews will install additional street lighting in the area at the end of November.

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