Safely Use Ride Share Services While Traveling

If you ever use ride sharing companies, like Uber and Lyft, beware there's a rash of fake drivers out there taking advantage of folks just needing a ride home.

The Better Business Bureau is spreading word about people who are pretending to be ride-share drivers. It's been happening particularly at airports around the country.

Essentially, while you're waiting at the designated ride sharing pickup area, someone will pull up, and may even have an Uber or Lyft sticker in the window, and ask your name.

If you give your name, they'll say they're here to take you where you need to go, but they're not the driver you actually ordered.

Once you get in the car, they'll demand higher fares, cash and use scare tactics or intimidation to get you to pay.

"Take caution, be wary. Before you get in that car, there are a few fail-safes to protect you. Most of the apps that offer ride sharing will show you a picture of the driver. They'll show you the license plate number of the vehicle. And also there are ways to call your driver," said BBB spokeswoman Phylissia Clark.

We're told there haven't been specific reports at Dallas area airports, but it is happening around the country.

People who are new to Uber or Lyft, or someone who's in a rush and just trying to get where they're going, are the ones it's happening to the most.

Always make sure you know whose car you're getting into and make sure you ask their name, not the other way around.

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