Sachse Church Encourages Congregation to “Invest” $10

Sachse's Park Lake Church hopes giving $10 to churchgoers will help them "pay it forward" to international missions

A Sachse church has come up with a new concept for paying it forward.

Park Lake Church passed out $10 bills to 75 people at Sunday's services, telling them to "invest" the money somehow and grow it over two months.

The church doesn't have a goal for how much it expects the congregation to raise when the cash is due back on "Increase Sunday" in September.

"If we never see it again, they're not going to be judged," said Max Kennedy, pastor. "The idea is to at least bring back that $10, if not to increase it."

Kennedy said the idea is based on a parable calling people manage their potential.

He said he learned the value of the American dollar after serving on mission trips for years and supporting international missionary families.

"You realize that a dollar can do so much," he said.

Park Lake Church's idea is sparking inspiration across generations.

Sam Houston State sophomore Sean Ragsdale is planning to use his $10 to make fraternity letter decals to sell to other students in his major back at school.

"I just want to sell enough to make over a hundred dollars," he said.

Lucas Kurtz, 11, is planning to buy candy bars in bulk.

"I'm going to sell them for $1 and, the money I make, I'm going to buy more candy bars," he said.

Lucas said his whole family is involved. His sister is planning a lemonade stand.

"I's not enough to start something huge, but it's enough to start something," he said.

The money raised will go to support international missions; specifically, it will fund the church's Christmas celebrations.

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