Rush for Allergy Relief

Patients turn to old treatment for faster results

With fall approaching, allergy sufferers are gearing up for another season of sneezing.

And more of them are turning to an old treatment that's coming back in vogue as patients look for faster ways to overcome the symptoms: "rush."

For Kirk Byrom, rush has been a life-changer.

After years of severe allergies to grass and trees, Byrom turned to Fort Worth allergist Dr. James Haden, who offers rush as an option.

The patient spends an entire day at the doctor's office and gets a series of shots throughout the day. The patient is monitored by doctors and given medications to prevent severe allergic reactions.

By the end of the day, the patient has a jump start on his or her treatment.

"In one day, they can take off about four months of shots," Haden said.

Oftentimes, they feel better more quickly. Byrom said he noticed improvement in a matter of days.

"If I could do it in one day and get immediate relief with virtually no pain and no inconvenience for me, why would I not do it?"  Byrom said.

Patients who choose rush continue to take allergy shots to maintain their treatment over several years, starting with weekly shots and then gradually moving to biweekly and then monthly injections.

Haden said rush has been around for decades, but more of his patients are choosing it as they look for ways to speed the relief.

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