NTX Community in Cleanup after Severe Storms

A North Texas community is picking up the pieces after suffering a heavy blow in Friday's severe storms.

It took just ten minutes for Friday's storms to unleash their fury on a rural part of Johnson County. As for the cleanup -- it will take days, even weeks for this North Texas community to get their lives back to normal.

"I don't know what to say," local resident Andy Dally said. "This is total devastation for us."

A building housing the Open Doors Food Pantry near Joshua was destroyed. "The wind picked it up, tossed it, set it in the street and shoved it down the road. It was crazy," Dally said.

A team from the National Weather Service surveyed the damage to get a better understanding of what happened. The team confirmed the storm produced EF-0 tornado damage in Ellis County.

However, the bulk of the damage in Johnson County was from straight-line winds. 

"Tornado or not, that's going to do some damage," Mark Fox of the National Weather Service said, pointing to damage caused from 80-85 mph winds.

Though the cleanup continues, the chance for similar storms still looms over the region. "We are getting a break from storms Saturday, but storm chances will return Sunday afternoon through Monday, and even into early Tuesday," NBC 5 meteorologist Remeisha shade said.

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