Running the Cowtown Safely

Officials say this year will have record number of runners

The Cowtown's medical director says the thousands of expected runners should pace themselves and stay hydrated.

Dr. Darrin D'Agostino, this year's medical director, said participants should be careful at the starting line.

"People are full of adrenaline, trying to move forward, trying to move fast, and sometimes they trip up on somebody they don't see, so paying attention at the start line is very important," he said.

He said participants should pace themselves.

"Many people are out and, because of the excitement of the race, run faster than they should and they hit their wall and don't finish," he said.

With warm temperature expected this weekend, runners should remember to hydrate with about eight ounces of Powerade or Gatorades every 30 minutes, D'Agostino said.

"The way we're set up, it should be four, five ounces at each station," he said.

D'Agostino also recommends that participants do not stop right after the finish line.

"You need to continue to run so you redistribute your blood volume into your body and not keep it in your legs," he said.

Organizers are getting the hall ready for the weekend.

The Cowtown's executive director, Heidi Swartz and her team are getting the hall ready for the big day on Saturday.

"If you're not running, please come out and cheer the runners on along the streets, because the spectators are just as important to us just as the runners. It's what keeps these runners going," said Heidi Swartz, Cowtown executive director.

The kids 5K, adults 5K and 10K are all on Saturday. The half marathon, marathon and ultra marathon are Sunday.

NBC 5 is a proud sponsor of the Cowtown.

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