Royse City Man Has Trouble Getting Packages to His Rural Home

Ever had a package that was supposed to be delivered but just ended up being a no show? One Royse City man had not one but a least a half dozen packages go missing. So he turned to NBC 5 Responds for help.

Visit Mark Ambrose on his 40-acres and it's easy to see why he likes it there. There's room to roam. But package delivery, that's another issue. They're supposed to be delivered to the porch, which is a quarter mile away from the front gate of his home.

"They have my gate code on file, they have my telephone number," said Ambrose. "They've been here multiple times. It's not a first-time delivery."

Instead, Ambrose says the packages end up just outside the front gate, far away from the view of the house or the front porch. From there, Ambrose says, they disappear. "I would say about a half of dozen or more," he said. "I've had only one package in the past two months successfully delivered."

Ambrose says he'd emailed. He'd written. He'd even paid extra for special UPS service. But no luck.

Then, for him, the last straw. "I literally was just coming home," he said. "I had made it half down my driveway and I happen to be see a UPS truck in my rearview mirror." Ambrose says the driver tossed the package over the fence. Fortunately, there was nothing breakable.

Ambrose says he pulled out his phone and got video of the truck taking off. What happened next really stunned him. "Then I get a text message saying your package has been delivered to your porch," said Ambrose.

Ambrose says what he wants is simple. "I'm not asking for a handout, I'm not asking for compensation obviously the merchants have refunded me my money or sent a replacement but I want my passages delivered without any hassle," he said. "I don't have time for this."

UPS did not comment directly on Ambrose's case, but emailed NBC 5 Responds a statement saying, "Incidents of theft involving UPS deliveries are rare. UPS delivers about 18 million packages every day and our data indicate that the rate of incidents involving UPS has been relatively flat over the last few years."

Ambrose tells us someone from UPS reached out to assure him that in the future, his packages will be delivered to his porch. They also gave him a direct line to follow up if he has problems. And though he didn't ask for it, Ambrose says they also sent him $200 for trouble. 

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