Rowlett Seeks National Award, Could Be Costly

The city of Rowlett is in the running for the All America City Award, and some worry the city may be spending too much to compete for the honor.

 Only ten cities nationwide receive the honor from the National Civic League each year. 

The City of Rowlett will send 12 delegates to Tampa, FL to showcase the city's major accomplishments.  The trip will cost the city $25,000. 

The City Council just cut $2 million from this year's budget to avoid a deficit, so some worry spending money for just the chance to win the title of All America City may not be worth it. 

However, city spokesperson Donna Huerta disagrees.

"Long term, when we get the economic development benefits from that, people will see that what we did today is worth it," she said.

Local business owners like Sharon Sheill, part owner of Big Star Burgers, said spending that kind of money for the title may end up benefiting all businesses in Rowlett in the long run.

"It's a lot of money, but not really when you consider the recognition it could bring to the city," she said.

The city of Rowlett is soliciting local businesses and civic organizations to sponsor the 12 delegates.  The hope is that those sponsorships will pay for the entire trip.  Three delegates are already paid for through the sponsorships.

The group will go to Tampa in June to compete and will also find out if Rowlett is one of the ten All America Cities.

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