Rowlett Family Experiences Pain, Loss, Joy in Wake of Tornado

A North Texas family who survived the tornado in Rowlett experienced one of the most difficult times in their lives followed by one of the happiest.

Laury Williams was nine months pregnant on Dec. 26.

"Next thing we know our phones are going off with alarms for a tornado," she said.

She and her fiancé had just put the finishing touches on the baby's nursery when Williams and her two children ran to their bathroom and got in the tub.

"My fiancé, last minute, grabbed a mattress and came in and got under it with us three," Williams said.

In a matter of minutes, everything they owned was destroyed. The family left to recreate their lives, Williams sent her two boys to spend time with family members out of town.

"One day my son called me and asked me, 'Mommy do we have a new home yet?' And I think that was the thing that broke me down the most," Williams said.

Monday, as the family continued to struggle to put their lives back together, Williams went into labor and gave birth to her new daughter, Sophia.

The two were released from the hospital Wednesday and are now staying with family members.

Williams said baby Sophia's arrival has added a level of calm.

"Right now we're focusing on one day at a time, and we're looking for a new home. But there's no rush. The right one will come along. It'll come along when it's time," Williams said.

If you are interested in helping Williams and her family, visit their GoFundMe page.

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