Rotary Club Honors Heroes

Every year, the Rotary Club of Fort Worth South honors outstanding members of the Fort Worth police and fire departments.

This year, the organization named Officer Damon Cole Officer of the Year and Lt. David Tompkins Firefighter of the Year.

"These men remind us of the countless heroic deeds and selfless service our community enjoys everyday from our police and firefighters," Rotary Club member Theresa Hocker said. "The Rotary Club of Fort Worth South is proud to recognize these outstanding individuals."

Cole spends his time off visiting critically ill children. He trades in his navy police uniform for a superhero costume like Superman, Iron Man or Batman. The Rotary Club said "his tireless work in brightening the lives of critically ill children."

The Rotary Club honored Tompkins after "his courageous and life-saving actions at the OSU Homecoming parade tragedy last November."

Rotary Club member Robert Carter shared more about Tompkins heroics:

"Lt. David Tompkins was attending OSU Homecoming parade with his family because his daughter is an OSU student. During parade a driver lost control of car and ran over several people. Lt. Tompkins went to aid of several including a small child, many of whom survived because of the fast actions of Lt. Tompkins. He also attended funerals of those who did not survive. This was BIG in Ok. newspapers, not so much locally. David's name was not known to anyone at FWFD for these actions. It took several weeks to identify Lt. Tompkins. He did not talk about it."

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