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Collapsed Roof Had Been Recently Replaced, Daycare Says

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No injuries were reported after the roof at a daycare in Trophy Club partially collapsed Friday afternoon.

The view from Texas Skyranger showed half of the gable roof over Xplor Preschool and School Age Care at 50 Village Trail sunken inward along the ridge beam.

In a written statement from Xplor, the company said the roof, which collapsed over the multipurpose room in the school-age building, had been replaced within the last few months.

"We are incredibly grateful that no one was injured during this incident," the statement said. "... We are conducting a thorough investigation with the help of a structural engineer and in cooperation with our local authorities.”

Students and staff were inside when the roof collapsed, but Trophy Club police said everyone was safe and accounted for.

"It was a miracle, we had the children inside, 20 young preschool-aged children that were in this building, they happened to be on the 'good' end, the end that did not collapse. There was a teacher that was walking towards, down the hallway, towards the area that collapsed, [it] collapsed six feet in front of her, knocked her back, but no injuries," said Trophy Club Fire Department Chief J. Taylor. "So everyone is fine, we were just very, very fortunate and blessed that no children or staffers were inside that area that collapsed."

A scary day at a Trophy Club daycare after part of the roof collapsed at the Xplor Preschool on Village Trail. The school was open at the time, everyone got out safely.

The children were evacuated and released to relieved parents.

"It's just scary to see so many police cars around us you know, and all the fire trucks and everything and the noise and all that," said Cristina San Martin holding her daughter. "So it's pretty scary, you know, but it's good to see her now, so everything is good."

It is not clear what caused the section of roof to fail and collapse into the building.

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The roof at the Xplor Daycare partially collapsed May 22, 2020.

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