Romo Tells Pastor He Still Plans to Win Super Bowl

Former Cowboys' chaplain says he spoke to the longtime Cowboys quarterback Tuesday night

Departing Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo told a pastor and longtime friend this week that his "passion is still there" and that he still wants to win a Super Bowl – even if it is for another team.

"His mood is great," said Dr. Tony Evans, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and former Cowboys' chaplain. "He says, 'God is in control.'"

Evans said he spoke with Romo Tuesday night.

"He's ready to move on, kind of, because he loves Dallas," Evans said. "So we are going to see him a lot."

Evans said Romo was a good friend.

Evans and another pastor presided over the wedding of Tony and Candice Romo in May 2011.

The following year Tony Romo donated $1 million to an adopt-a-school program that Evans started.

The pastor echoed the feelings of many Cowboys fans with the news that Tony Romo would be released Thursday to sign with another team.

"I'm hurt that we're losing him yet I want him to be free to pursue what his abilities will allow him to pursue as long as that passion is there," Evans said.

Evans said there is little doubt that Tony Romo is still excited about football.

"Let's put it this way: His last words to me were, 'The passion is still there,'" Evans said. "He wants to know where he best fits. And wherever he best fits is where he wants to go because he wants to win. If he plays, he wants to win a Super Bowl. But he wants to be healthy for his family."

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