Romo Says He's Throwing Better Than Ever

How good is Tony Romo feeling about his throwing ability? Better than ever if you ask him.

The Cowboys quarterback met with the media for the final time until training camp and explained why he's slinging the ball so well.

"I'm throwing the ball as well as I ever have. A lot of that is just based on years of trying to perfect your craft, get to a point where you feel very confident from multiple launch angles throwing the football," said Romo.

The quarterback elaborated on his throwing mechanics, explaining that he feels a good pass from every possible situation. Sometimes he'll be off-balance, people will be in his way or around his feet or perhaps he can't step into a throw.

"It's been a few years of trying it and I feel like now, this off-season when I wake up, it's there everyday. So, that's pretty exciting," the quarterback explained. "Once you're there, you can start playing with your footwork and doing things to technically, like I said, perfect your craft. I'm just excited that I get to throw and practice those things."

Romo was limited to just four games and 121 passes in 2015, but a healthy off-season has allowed the quarterback to work on his mechanics. That will be Romo's focus in the weeks leading up to the training camp. And, when time allows it, work with Dez Bryant to recapture their connection on the field.

"We're going to be out there and there's a schedule in place. Like I said, he just needs to go out there and run routes and simulate two-minute. You got to get your lungs and do all these little things that emulate practice and games. The only way to do that is to get on the football field and go do it."

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