Rodeo Bullfigthers Put Lives on the Line

For 84 years, San Angelo's Stock Show and Rodeo has brought out the top performers and stock from across the country.

There are a few guys who put their lives on the line every performance, to ensure the safety of the animal and the rider.

"Secret Service of Rodeo," says bull fighter, Clay Heger.

Clay Heger has been fighting bulls for years

"Them animals, they're there to do their jobs. They don't care, they don't have no mercy. There's no whistle for a bull, there's no time out," says Heger.

When it comes to protecting a bull rider from a 15 to 18-hundred pound animal, his partner Zach Arthur knows the importance of their job.

"We've crafted it to where, we're not so much trying to please the crowd, we're trying to take care of these bull riders," says bull fighter, Zach Arthur.

"I want a crowd to be able to look and at the end of the day if both the bullfighters and all the bull riders were able to get up and walk out of the arena, on their own will, then to me, that right there is a great performance."

In 2015, the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association, recognized Clay as one of the top 5 bull fighters of the year.

"When I got the phone call I made the top 5 I about fell off the roof, cause that was the last thing I expected, I'm like wow, this is amazing," says Heger.

"That was an accolade that he got because the bull riders, the top 15 bull riders said we think so much of this guy, we want him being there to protect us," says Arthur.

Even as a bull fighters, there's a lot of love and support not only from the riders, but also from the fans.

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