Rodents Overrun Frisco Strip Mall

Mice, rats move into planters after construction destroys natural home.

Business owners said they fear dozens of mice and rats are driving away customers from a Frisco strip mall.

The mice and rats live in island planters at a strip mall on Eldorado Parkway and the Dallas North Tollway that is also home to a Best Buy, Petco and Dollar Tree. Once the sun sets, the rodents scurry across the parking lot and occasionally seek warmth beneath newly parked vehicles.

Frisco resident Cindy Mazeau said she has seen the rodents near Target.

"I've seen the problem," she said. "I've seen them a couple of times."

Virginia De Anda said she dodged a few mice on her way into Best Buy.

"I want to kill it, kick it or whatever it is that I got to do to get rid of the darn thing," she said.

Work on several developments under construction in area has destroyed the rodents' natural home. The mice and rats then relocated to the island planters, where, as one Best Buy employee observed, they can't be chased away by bulldozers.

Some of the businesses have considered poisoning the rodents but are considering more humane ways to get rid of them.

The city does not have an abatement program for rats and mice.

Shopper Sherrie Alonzo said one of the affected businesses may have a solution.

"Maybe Petco has a few cats they could let out at night," she said.

Frisco has issued warnings to homeowners and businesses that the mice and rats will be looking for warmth and food as the temperatures drop and may move indoors.

"As long as they stay beneath the car and not in it, I'm OK with that," Mazeau said. "Don't get in my car -- then I'll be a basket case."

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