Rockwall Resident Wins $2.5 Million From a Scratch-Off

Robert J. Wade, a Rockwall resident, is now a millionaire after winning big on a scratch-off ticket

A Rockwall resident can now call himself a millionaire.

Robert J. Wade claimed a whopping $2.5 million prize in a scratch-off game after buying his ticket at a Rockwall 7-Eleven, according to a Texas Lottery press release.

Wade bought the ticket to the scratch off game “100x The Cash.” The overall odds of winning any prize from the game are one in 3.48 (and that includes break-even prizes).

The 7-Eleven where the ticket was purchased is eligible for a $10,000 retailer bonus. It’s located the 1000 block of Ridge Road in Rockwall.

Big winner Wade’s odds of winning were 1 in 2,016,000, according to the Texas Lottery website.

More information on the lottery can be found here.

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