Allie Spillyards

Rockwall Police Patrolling Neighborhood After Kids Followed Home From School

"Even if it was just teenagers playing a prank, it was above and beyond"

A Rockwall mom is warning other parents after she says her son and a friend were followed home from school Monday. Now police are increasing patrols and making everyone aware of the possible threat.

It happened sometime between 4 and 5 p.m. Monday at Hartman Elementary in Lakeview Summit.

Valerie Royse said her 13-year-old son and his 11-year-old friend had headed back up to the school to play basketball.

When they left, they were stopped by a gray truck with two or three people inside who offered the boys drugs.

"He said then they popped the curb to come after them. The front two tires came up over the curb, and they thought they were going to chase them. The truck followed them," Royse said. "They went down the alley. The truck preceded to keep following them and chase them. The two boys then went between the houses and were able to lose the truck."

Royse filed a police report that night.

While Rockwall police said it's the first time they'd heard of someone following kids in the neighborhood, they're taking the incident seriously.

Not only have they increased patrols in the neighborhood, they've also encouraged school resource officers to be on high alert.

Tuesday, the district made parents aware of what the students reported.

"I want them to be aware that this happened. And even if it was just teenagers playing a prank, it was above and beyond to chase the kids down the alley. What if it's sex traffickers? What if it's drug dealers? We just don't know. And it could've always ended badly," Royse said.

Though the boys didn't get a good description of the truck, Royse said her son told her it was gray with a large black grill guard.

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