Rockwall Pediatrician Loses License After Allegations of ‘Erratic Behavior'

Doctor's license suspended until hearing held with Texas Medical Board

The medical license of a North Texas pediatrician has been suspended indefinitely after allegations of erratic behavior by staff members.

Staffers at Rockwall Pediatrics in Rockwall and Forney reported the behavior of 62-year-old Dr. Kurt Pflieger to the The Texas Medical Board saying he became distracted and ignored patients, failed to file or issue prescriptions and crossed boundaries with patients, employees and drug representatives by sharing personal photos, stories and information.

The Texas Medical Board, in a report on the doctor's censure, said Pflieger's license was suspended April 6 after he "engaged in a pattern of impaired practice" that, were it to continue, "would be a threat to the public welfare."

In an incident that allegedly occurred on Feb. 11, the doctor was reportedly "rough-housing" with a 2-year-old sibling of a patient when he "attempted to throw the child onto his shoulder, but overshot, causing the child to fall, land on his back and strike his head on the exam room floor."

The next day staff said they heard the doctor shout "Satan!" while working with two patients. In other cases, coworkers reported he talked about having sex with his fiancee, slapped the buttocks of an employee and kissed another without her permission.

In all, 15 instances reported by staff at both Rockwall Pediatrics locations in Rockwall and Forney, were detailed by the state board.

According to the Texas Medical Board, Pflieger has been licensed to practice medicine in the state of Texas since March 4, 1994 and that he was certified by the American Board of Pediatrics in 1991. He attended medical school at St. George's in Grenada and had hospital privileges at Lake Pointe Medical Center in Rowlett and at Presbyterian Hospital in Rockwall.

The medical board said Pflieger had no previous history of malpractice, discipline by other state medical boards or criminal offenses.

Texas Medical Board Disciplinary Suspension

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