Rockwall Man Describes Moment He Got Pulled From His House During High Winds

A Rockwall couple is speaking out after their home was torn apart by high winds when strong storms hit early Wednesday morning.

Kelly and Jammie Yaw live in the Dalton Ranch neighborhood in Rockwall. 

Early Wednesday, straight-line winds estimated at 95 miles per hour slammed into those homes and tore the roof from the Yaw's house.

Kelly Yaw was asleep downstairs when it happened, but her husband fell asleep upstairs while watching TV. 

He described the moment he awoke to his house literally disappearing before his eyes.

"I heard the wind coming, and as I woke up I saw the wall evaporating," Jammie Yaw said. "So I grabbed onto the mattress that I was laying on, then me and the mattress got sucked out, and then I hit the ground. It's a blur after that." 

Jammie Yaw went back inside the house looking for his wife, and he said adrenaline was kicking in. 

The two were able to get out safely, and paramedics rushed Jammie Yaw to the hospital, where he had to get several stitches to his ear, which he says was torn in half.

He is now recovering well, he said.

The couple is staying with family until they figure out what to do next with their house.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help them handle repairs. 

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