Rockwall Deals With Population Boom

City renovates downtown area, makes other improvements to handle growth

One of the fastest growing counties is running out of space thanks to a population boom.

Rockwall city leaders are focusing on upgrades to the downtown area to make room for all the new residents.

"Numbers don't lie -- that over the last few years, there's a synergy and an energy level in downtown that we've never [had] before," Mayor David Sweet said. "Sales tax numbers are up as far as double digits for downtown area. Property values are up significantly."

The city is investing in an $8.6 million downtown makeover that includes much-needed parking, sidewalks and upgraded landscaping.

"Downtown, it's a gathering place for our community," real estate agent Peg Pannell Smith it always has and it always will be," said Pannell Smith.

Houses are going up in Rockwall every day, keeping real estate agents busy.

"It's just a hot, hot area," Smith said. "We're getting double and triple offers on our properties. Some sell in the first day. Some sell in four days. Some sell in 10 days."

City leaders are also getting a head start on future development projects such as road paving and street lighting.

The city said the Council of Governments projects Rockwall will double its growth by the time the city builds out to a population of about 85,000 people.

Construction in downtown is set to begin this month. The improvements were paid for in the 2012 bond election.

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