How a 10-Year-Old Made $1,000 a Day Selling Candy and Helped Revitalize Downtown Roanoke

It’s one of the biggest attractions in Roanoke, and it was all started by a 10-year-old in an Airstream trailer.

Clayton Brittan said he was in the fifth grade when he opened up his "Hey Sugar" candy trailer.

From selling retro candies to bizarre sodas, he was making $1,000 a day.

Hey Sugar was so popular, Clayton and his mom wanted to take it to the next level by opening a shop in a special location.

“It was the first mayor of Roanoke’s home for hundreds of years, and it was very deep-rooted in the history of Roanoke, and we were really excited to have that opportunity to turn it into our store," Clayton said.

But it wasn’t easy to acquire the house.

“I was really lucky that I was able to get it because I promised him I wouldn’t tear it down," said Clayton’s mom, Kristin Brittan. "We would keep it the way it was and it was going to become a candy store, and he loved that idea.”

A historic home turned dessert destination that’s not only helped make Roanoke the official “Unique Dining Capital of Texas, but more importantly, Hey Sugar is bringing families together and fostering a sense of community.

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