Road Rage Lands DISD Coach in Jail

Police arrested a Dallas Independent School District coach accused of pointing a gun at a woman and her children during a road rage incident Thursday morning. 

Bobby Strogen, who also works as a teacher's assistant at Zumwalt Middle School, has been placed on unpaid administrative leave after his arrest at a gas station on the corner of Robert B. Cullum and Grand Avenue in Dallas.

Felicia Laury said she and her two kids were on Loop 12 headed toward Interstate 45 North when Strogen cut them off in his black truck.  Laury said she attempted to get away from Strogen but he continued to switch lanes when she did.  She said finally Strogen pulled up alongside her car.

"When he pulled the gun out I said, "man I got my kids in the car" and he was like, "f*** you b****  I'll kill you and your kids,"" Laury said.

Laury said she immediately called the police and decided to follow Strogen as he got onto Interstate 30 east.

"I had to.  I had to follow him because he pulled a gun out on me so I should have followed him," she said. " I'm glad I did."

She followed Strogen all the way to the Robert B. Cullum exit where Strogen stopped at a gas station convenience store.  There was a police officer parked right out front. 

"They put him in handcuffs and put him in the car and then they went and searched his car and they found the pistol," she said.

Laury didn't find out who the man was until after police arrested him.  She said she was shocked to learn Strogen worked for DISD.

"If he works around kids and he's got a gun what's to say that he won't pull the gun out on the kids," she said.

Strogen was booked into Lew Sterritt where he's facing aggravated assault charges.  Regardless of how the situation could have ended, Laury said she has no regrets.

"I'd do it again in a heartbeat," she said. 

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