Road Crews Work Feverishly to Clear Ice From I-35

On Sunday, trucks could be seen going up and down the icy I-35E through Denton County.

From Valley View to state Highway 380, crews with the 35 Express project worked on the slick spots.
The Texas Department of Transportation sent 60 tons of salt out of 200 tons used in the Metroplex, to be used in this area.
Crews are fighting slick spots by taking them in segments, causing backups as the crews get on the highway, work on a patch, then get off.
"I mean, just up the road we weren't even moving. I put it in park. We were sitting there for a about five minutes," said driver Tim Schexnayder. "Cause the other side of the highway was nice and clear."
The main concern heading into Monday is black ice. A spokesperson for the 35 Express project said crews are monitoring the roads around the clock and have been since Thursday.
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