Road Crew Fixes Collin County Potholes

Crews concentrate on construction zones

Cold, wet weather is perfect for making potholes, and a state road crew in Collin County spent the night filling in the potholes that popped up Tuesday.

Workers are concentrating on U.S. 380 through McKinney and U.S. 78 through Wylie, especially in construction areas.

"Temporary pavement isn't meant to last forever, and it gets cracks and [there's] lots of traffic up there and construction going on, and so water will seep into those cracks and, of course, just the cold will make the pavement surface contract and expand," said Michelle Releford, Texas Department of Transportation spokeswoman.

"The water gets in there and freezes, and it pops," she said. "If there's any kind of crack or any kind of indentation already starting, then that expansion will make it pop right out, and if it's significant enough, then we get out after it just as soon as we can."

TxDOT crews are also keeping an eye on any wet spots that may freeze overnight.

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