Road Construction Picks with Break in Spring Storms

North Texas drivers can expect to see more road construction projects starting up now that the spring storms are in the rear-view mirror.

The heavy rain and high water delayed the start of many projects across the region, officials say.

"Even when the sun comes out, there may be still too much mud to do excavation work," said Michelle Releford, with the Texas Department of Transportation."So that could set that back even more."

"As far as the overall schedule, we can make it up in the summer," Releford added. "We feel that we can make it up during the hot says of summer when you've got the long days and the dry days."

Road crews were scheduled to demolish the Telephone Road bridge in McKinney this past weekend, but couldn't start the project until Tuesday night.

Some ramps and lanes in the area of State Highway 121 and U.S. Highway 75 will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

The huge mega-projects were also affected by the wet weather, although with so much to do, crews found plenty to keep them busy.

"So they don't use too much time, they don't have to catch up as much," Releford said. "But the smaller projects, really, if we're waiting on a pavement pour, and that's our big deal for that month, then that could set us behind a little bit and we just have to play catch up."

Project managers are now juggling their schedules to keep on track.

And you can expect to see many smaller projects start up soon, after they were also delayed by the weather in May.

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