Grapevine Lake

Road Across Grapevine Lake Dam Closed

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has closed Fairway Drive, which is the road that runs across the dam of Grapevine Lake.

The Corps had already planned work to repair a shallow side of the dam and planned to close the road once construction started. However, after all the recent rain, officials decided to close the road immediately, until the repairs can be made.

The Corps say the closure is necessary to ensure the safety of vehicles on the roadway.

Officials urge that the dam continues to function as designed.

The city of Grapevine says if you need to access the Grapevine Golf Course or Rockledge Park, you much enter Fairway Drive from the north.

If you are headed to Silver Lake Marina or the Cowboys Golf Club, you must enter Fairway Drive from the South. No thru-traffic will be allowed on Fairway Drive from State Highway 26, unless you are visiting one of those two locations.

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