Rising COVID-19 Cases in Denton County Causes Concern

Officials also point out recoveries are also increasing

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Denton County health officials are seeing a surge in the county’s COVID-19 cases.

Just this week Denton County had four days all reporting over 100 new cases.

On a Tuesday a week ago, only 56 new cases were reported.

“We think this is a concern to see this week after week and more and more cases,” Denton County Public Health Assistant Director and Chief Epidemiologist Juan Rodriguez said. “We are trying to investigate our cases, notify people of their contacts of their exposures of illness. Isolate in quarantine. We are happy that there is a mandate to use masks.”

Rodriguez says the numbers have been rising steadily since the first of June and there is no main cause they can point to as why.

Denton County Judge Andy Eads though says there are ways to stop it. “Reporting over 100 new COVID-19 cases within Denton County, we continue to urge community members to wear masks, physically distance, frequently wash their hands and stay home if sick or waiting on COVID-19 lab results,” Eads said.

Despite the rising cases, Rodriguez points out recoveries are also on the rise. This in part due to a hybrid reporting system that marks people as recovered after eight weeks.

“We think this is helpful to explain more of the real-time information that is happening,” Rodriguez said. “Since we couldn’t find someone after two months after some attempts it just didn’t quite represent that the recovery had happened.”

But ultimately they want to stop the spread and that comes from people taking precautions.

“We were happy the state went in to this mandate to require the use of masks,” Rodriguez said. “We think it’s useful and helpful. Something that if you have exposures it can really minimize what someone can spread to another person.”

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