Ellis County

Right on Time: North Texas Delivery Driver Helps Battle House Fire

UPS driver draws on quick thinking and Boy Scouts skills

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A North Texas delivery driver was certainly on time when he noticed the makings of a house fire while on a run in Ellis County.

UPS driver Jeremy Cook said he was about to deliver a package on Wednesday when he noticed smoke coming from a home -- the same address where he was set to make the delivery.

Cook noticed the fire beginning to spread to the house next door when he took action, drawing from skills learned in the Boy Scouts.

He grabbed a water hose to wet the ground in front of the fire before using a fire extinguisher to help control the flames before firefighters arrived.

"if it's something you can help with and this was. It wasn't out of control. It could've gotten out of control if it was allowed to sit there and burn but while was able to control just get out and do it you know, that's what I thought anyway.

Cook said he was glad to help out, and the added recognition from his company is a plus.

UPS driver Jeremy Cook (right) with customer Jamie Huffman (left).
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