Riding Molly The Trolley Will Now Cost $2

Downtown Fort Worth bus service is no longer free

Molly the Trolley will still give riders a lift around downtown Fort Worth, but it will no longer be free.

The bus service, which launched in 2009, will now charge $2 per trip. An all-day pass costs $5.

The Fort Worth Transportation Authority, which operates Molly the Trolley, said the bus costs $1 million per year to operate and outside sources of funding aren’t enough to subsidize the service.

So, people like Gilly and Pam Gilland of Denton, who are in Fort Worth celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, will soon have to buck up.

"I'm glad we got in the last free ride,” Gilly Gilland said. “That's a good thing for us."

Another visitor, Steve Bean of San Antonio, said he understands that so little in life is free.

"I'm not so sure about that but almost every other city I've been in there's a charge for this kind of thing,” he said. “If it's minimal I'm OK with it but I probably will ride it less if it's not free.

But Benson Grey, who recently moved to Fort Worth from Dallas, said some people may choose not to ride the bus.

"If it was my first time coming here, having to pay two bucks, I'd be like, ‘Nevermind,’" he said.

This isn't the only change for Fort Worth bus riders.

Also this weekend, the price of a bus ticket citywide is going up to $2 -- up from $1.75.

All-day passes will work on Molly the Trolley and any bus in the city.

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