Fort Worth

Ridgmar Mall Looks at Possibilities for Macy's Vacancy

Ridgmar Mall is working with architects on a possible multi-use community center to replace Macy’s, which will soon close its doors at Ridgmar Mall.

Ridgmar Mall General Manager Ira Fratrik said he found out Macy’s would be closing just after the start of the year.

"We knew things were going to happen," he said. "We didn’t expect it to happen here, but we think it’s a great opportunity for us."

Fratrik said they are examining all possibilities of what could replace Macy’s and are working with architects to develop plans.

"We’re looking at all the different elements that are being incorporated into shopping centers today that make them more of a mix use community center," he said.

Possibilities include a hotel, multi-family living, entertainment venues and restaurants.

"The malls that everyone grew up with are not the ones today that are successful," Fratrik said. "The ones that are successful have incorporated these uses beyond just retail."

Another major retail store set to leave Ridgmar Mall is Neiman Marcus.

"We haven’t been notified from them, but we certainly have read the papers and seen the news reports," Fratrik commented.

Mall management said they would take a similar multi-use center approach when looking for replacement tenants at Neiman Marcus. Fratrik didn’t have a timeline yet for when construction will start at Ridgmar Mall.

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