Rideshare Driver Says Company is Unfairly Charging Her For a Stolen Car

Kayla Brown says she's only been driving for Lyft a couple of months before a terrifying ordeal happened.

"I was just worried about if I was going to be alive," Kayla Brown said.

Brown is still shaken up over what happened October 8. While she was driving for Lyft, a passenger pulled a pocket knife on her.

"He got in the middle of the back seat and held the knife to my throat and stated get off the highway," Brown said.

According to the police report, she was ordered out of the car near Keist Boulevard and Millermore in Dallas. The thief took off in the car and later wrecked. It's now in police impound as evidence.

But Brown says she is still being charged the rental fee of $255 by Lyft even though the car was stolen.

"So my bank kept on denying the charges, but I feel like I shouldn't be responsible for those payments because of the situation that had happened," Brown said. "The car was stolen. It was either my life or keeping the car."

She feels Lyft has not been sympathetic to her traumatic ordeal and financial situation. She has no car and no way to make money to pay those fees.

NBC 5 reached out to Lyft and a spokesperson said in a written statement:

"Safety is fundamental to Lyft. The behavior described is upsetting and has no place in the Lyft community. We have been in communication with the driver, and continue to offer our support and assistance. We have permanently banned the rider and stand ready to assist law enforcement with their investigation."

As the police investigation continues Lyft tells Brown once the car is returned to Lyft it can stop the rental charges and work towards taking care of any additional charges Brown owes. Lyft says it is committed to working with all parties involved to try and reach a resolution.

But Brown doesn't know when that resolution will come and still feels at a loss.

"Companies shouldn't treat their employees like that," Brown said. "Cause it's not like I was just getting the profit. They were making a profit as well."

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