Richardson Student Questions Government Leaders on TODAY Show

NBC 5 Education Reporter Wayne Carter and 4th Grader Emma Vera contribute to national town hall meeting.

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NBC's Today Show devoted an hour to the crisis today and invited a North Texas student and NBC 5 to contribute to the conversation.       

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky were the big names on the Today Show plaza explaining the government's mission to fight the virus, and educate kids.

"We found last year the conditions for educating students in a virtual hybrid weren't ideal," Cardona said.

But the moments that stood out came from students in schools across the nation.

"What would you say to people who are still skeptical about the benefits of masks?" asked a student from Iowa.  

"We have seen data after data that schools that are not masking are closing because they're having outbreaks," Walensky said.

One of those questions came from the Math Science and Technology Magnet in Richardson.

NBC gathered there to offer perspective from Texas and to hear from 4th grader Emma Vera who was nervous to be on TV but excited to ask what was on her mind. 

"My question is when are kids my age going to get vaccinated... because we want to be safe," Emma asked.

"We're working with urgency to make sure it's safe and reliable and available by the end of the year," Walensky said.

The question on students' minds is important to be heard. Math Science & Technology Magnet School Principal Lauren Bolack told us it's something they're worked hard to address since students have been back in the classroom.

"Our students have something great to say and providing opportunities for them to share their own perspective is extremely important especially as adults when we don't know how this is impacting us but we have no idea how this is impacting these young children," she said.

Besides the usual counselors schools say they want both classrooms and homes to be a safe space for kids to ask questions.

Emma was just excited to get her questioned tackled by the experts and hear her favorite, anchor, Hoda Kotb actually say her name.  

 You can watch excerpts from Today's 'Coronavirus in the Classroom' here.

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