Richardson Police Rescue Family From Fire

Officers spotted smoke at an apartment complex and managed to force the door open, rescuing the family inside

A family is safe after being rescued from a fire by Richardson police on Friday morning.

According to the Richardson Police Department, an officer spotted smoke coming from an apartment complex on the 700 block of West Spring Valley Road.

The officer located the apartment and attempted to alert the residents about the danger, police said.

The officer tried to wake the occupants several times by knocking and banging on the door. No one responded to the officer's knocks, and the smoke gradually became more intense.

Police said that the officer realized that the residents may have succumbed to the smoke, and attempted to force the door open by kicking it. A second officer arrived at the scene and helped to try and kick the door open.

According to police, after continued attempts to force the door open, officers heard the residents inside the apartment. The officers and residents managed to force the door open, and the family made it out of the apartment unharmed.

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