Richardson McDonald's Unveils Nutrition Kiosk

Interactive device displays calories, carbs, fat grams

Prices aren't the only numbers on display at a Richardson McDonald's.

Calories, carbohydrates, sodium -- they're all available on a super-sized touchscreen at a McDonald's on Centennial Boulevard.

The interactive nutrition kiosk is the first of its kind in North Texas.

"We just wanted a different tool to give to our consumers and display it in a digital format with beautiful pictures," franchise owner Jonathan Chan said.

Chan, who owns three McDonald's restaurants in Richardson, said he invested in the technology to help diners make better decisions.

"If you say, 'You know what? I like to eat my McDouble without cheese,' you can click and take the cheese off, and it'll adjust your calorie counts for you," he said.

The kiosk allows diners to customize every detail of their order, from holding the mayo to only using half a packet of salad dressing.

"I don't think people realize at first that you can touch on it, but it's pretty neat," customer Krystal Alexander said.

She didn't notice the touchscreen until after she finished a premium chicken sandwich, large fries and a sweet tea. The caloric damage of her meal: 1,155 calories.

"Wow!" she said.

Amy Goodson, a Texas Health Fort Worth registered dietitian said it's all about awareness.

"Out of curiosity, people are likely to go to that kiosk and thus become more aware of how many calories, carbohydrates and fats and sodium are in those foods with the hope that it's going to help people make better choices," she said.

Chan said he just wants his customers to have all the facts, even though most come in knowing with their minds already made.

"It doesn't change what people want to order," he said. "It's a tool for them to make the right options."

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