Richardson ISD Maintenance Man by Day, Pianist/Composer by Night

Richardson ISD maintenance man Bobby Orozco rarely sits down at his job at Lake Highland High School. The opposite is true for his other job as a pianist and composer.

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Bobby Orozco's day starts early before students at Lake Highlands High School in Richardson ISD arrive.

"The kids are out this week," Orozco said pushing a cart filled with LED replacement light rods. "I'm going through the hallways and the classrooms looking for any lights that are out."

Most who pass by Orozco as he works probably don't know what he does when the maintenance man isn't fixing things around the building.

"I don't go around telling everyone," Orozco said. "I love to call myself a pianist."

Orozco is a classically trained pianist who might not fit the traditional image, with tattoo sleeves and a beard. Orozco also composes music. He has recorded five original contemporary classical albums and several singles.

'I've been sitting on this stool for...over 30 years," Orozco said sitting at a piano in the high school choir room. "Started doing it as a child and I've always come back to it."

Orozco began to play one of his original compositions, eyes closed, tattooed hands gliding over 88 keys. Then he improvised a 4-minute piece based on five random notes played for him.

"So after releasing music it kind of has me on fire to keep going," Orozco said. "I feel like I get to work full-throttle for Richardson and do my music full-throttle. So it's 100% on both ends."

Orozco takes pride in doing both jobs well. Without trying, he may be teaching students a lesson outside of their classrooms.

"Yeah, I guess not to judge," Orozco said. "You hear it a thousand times. These kids hear it a thousand times, especially at their age, not to judge people by looking at them, or what they do, or who they are."

You can find Bobby Orozco's music on Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, Amazon, and YouTube.

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