Reunion's New Lights to Be Tested New Year's Eve

Light test to run throughout the evening

If you only saw video of last month's test of the new lighting on Reunion Tower, keep your eyes peeled New Year's Eve.

The Hunt Consolidated Group, which runs the 55-story tower, told NBC 5 Friday that more testing will be done a few minutes before midnight on Saturday evening and will run throughout the night.

In the past, the tower was adorned with 260 plain lights that, at times, would flash different patterns to create a light show.

The new lights, which appear to be LEDs, can display a variety of colors and patterns that the old lighting system was unable to do.

Just when the new lights go on for good hasn't been revealed.

If you missed the test, check out the video below.

Reunion Tower from Justin Terveen on Vimeo.

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