Reunion Tower Ball Puts on Spectacular Light Show

When the sun goes down, the lights come up, attracting visitors from around the world to marvel at the globe-shaped light show atop Reunion Tower in Downtown Dallas.

"It's a must-see for people visiting Dallas," said Carlos Diaz de Leon, of Dallas.

Since 1978, Reunion Tower has been known for creating elaborate light shows, often celebrating sports teams, holidays and big events.

"We just like to always participate in everything that's happening in the city," said Reunion Tower General Manager Dusti Groskreutz.

But creating all those light shows doesn't just happen overnight.

There are 259 LED lights in the steel grid that form the Reunion Tower ball, and they can change to any color.

"It's beautiful, yes, It's very interesting and clever how they do it," said Catherine Windsor, of London, England.

Some shows can take a special designer months to create.

"He has to define each node independently, and then assign it its particular color, and if it should be in motion, and when it should stop motion. So it's quite the process," said Groskreutz.

The result is unmatched by other buildings sharing the bright Dallas skyline.

"Dallas likes to show its razzle-dazzle, I guess. So, yeah, it's nice but it's also nice to be in the spotlight too, and we're happy to lead the way," said Groskreutz.

Reunion Tower joined other downtown landmarks Wednesday to paint the town red for real estate legend Ebby Halliday.

"She was a spectacular woman with a wonderful life and did a lot for this community, and so it's just our little piece that we can give back," said Groskreutz.

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