Watch: Reunion Arena Roof Collapses

In a rather anti-climactic fashion, the remains of Reunion Arena fell to the ground Tuesday.

Instead of a series of explosions and a dramatic fall back to terra firma, the remaining roof structure left standing in downtown Dallas since April was to be felled by a process called "tripping."  Crews began that process at 7 a.m. Tuesday and shortly after 3 p.m., the roof collapsed.

Tripping works by the crews weakening the structure until it collapses on itself.

 Demolition of the building began last spring but was brought to a halt when crews found styrofoam insulation in the upper deck and asbestos-filled waterproofing on the roof.

The fall to the ground was recorded as part of a pilot for a new show called The Imploders.  The show will debut on TLC on Dec. 17.

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