Restaurant Boom Continues in Plano

The City of Plano is continuing to grow.

Corporations like Toyota, Liberty Mutual and JP Morgan chase are moving into Legacy West.

But there's another type of business boom you may not have heard about - restaurants.

According to the City of Plano, there are more restaurants - per capita - than in the cities of San Francisco and New York.

At least 35 more are coming to Plano this year.

John Franke is co-owner of Front Burners Restaurants, which has opened four restaurants in Plano since 2010: Whiskey Cake, Sixty Vines and Mexican Sugar. They will open two more, The Keeper and Haywire, this year.

“Millions and millions of dollars invested into each one,” he said.

Then there's the new food hall under construction at Legacy West which will include with more than 20 restaurants under one roof.

That’s in addition to the 13 more along the development’s main road.

Many of them are new to North Texas, banking on 20,000 people who will work in Legacy West by the year 2020.

“So Toyota's based in California, higher cost of living, houses are more expensive. So, what we're really banking is as people move here, spend less on their houses they have more expendable income,” said Franke.

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