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Response to Dallas Police Curfew Crackdown in Deep Ellum

A influx of calls into Dallas Police over the weekend prompted the department’s Central District to take a closer look curfew enforcement.

Business owners made it very clear that they are concerned that juvenile curfew violations have become a problem in Deep Ellum and the Central Business District.

Dallas Police in this district, in response, said there will be stricter curfew enforcement.

"If we do see juveniles out here we will approach them. If they are under the age, the enforcement that we are going to take per our new ordinance is we have to give two warnings," said Deputy Chief Thomas Castro.

After two warnings, police will issue citations for curfew violations for anyone under the age of 17 out after midnight.

But that approach isn't sitting well with quite a few young people who spend time in the area.

Many of them are concerned about being approached by police because they appear to be underage, when, in fact, they have every right to be down here.

"I'm 19 and I think I would be just a little bit irritated especially if I wasn't doing anything and it would make me feel like I was doing something like they were like watching me and making sure I'm not up to anything bad," said Riley Anderson.

"I just turned 28 about a week or so ago and I do get carded all the time, which is understandable for alcohol, but I would be super offended because I'm of age and I've been of age for a while," said Nesha Adams.

Some understand the need for enforcement but are concerned about being made to feel uncomfortable.

"I understand where they're coming from probably because I'm sure there are some situation where that would need to be enforced if someone is under-aged drinking but I think it would just make everyone anxious," said Christina Wilcox.

Castro said Dallas Police will also partner with Dart Police on the enforcement.

If Dart officers come in contact with juveniles they'll encourage them to go home or get somewhere safe off the streets. If it's a large crowd of juveniles headed to an entertainment district, they'll alert police.

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