Residents Lit Up About White Rock Lake Lights

Some say additional lighting will bring more crime

Some residents say plans to add more lighting at White Rock Lake will only invite more crime.

Al Borden, of The Lighting Practice, said his team has developed a plan to light White Rock Lake without disturbing the wildlife or angering people who live in the neighborhood.

"We're trying to keep the natural appearance and to just use electric light to supplement daylight," he said.

Borden said the new lights will be in a few needed areas and won't be seen from a distance.

But some residents said they worry additional lighting will bring more crime to the neighborhood.

"Being a lake resident, I'm worried when they bring more light, we have more crime," one resident said.

Local bikers such as Dennis Pavageau said the lake is often a target for thieves.

"There's broken glass in just about every parking lot," he said.

Greg Holder, another cyclist, said people often come back to their parked car to find broken windows and stolen purses.

"It happens in broad daylight, day in and day out," Holder said. "Lights aren't going to stop it."

Since Monday, at least three cars have been broken into.

"When you do put lighting up, you're going to increase the traffic out here," Dallas police Lt. Mike Woodburry said. "More people are going to use the lake, so we're going to have to address that."

A committee will review a master plan for lighting at the lake in February.

A private group is also working to raise enough money to put surveillance cameras in the lake's parking lots.

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