Residents Raise Concerns About Flashing-Lights Intersection

Drivers say intersection at Interstate 30, Dalrock Road is dangerous

Drivers are raising concerns about the flashing lights at a busy intersection near Lake Ray Hubbard.

Rowlett and Rockwall residents say they want a permanent solution for the intersection at Interstate 30 and Dalrock Road.

Cars exiting on Dalrock from either direction of Interstate 30 are met with flashing lights. Often drivers don't stop or slow down.

Kristine Tawater, of Rowlett, and several residents say the flashing traffic lights are not enough to safely control traffic along the busy and high-speed interstate.

"It's the cars going east and west -- that's where you're going to get hit," she said. "It's taking your life in your hands."

Steve Jordan said the design of the intersection is very confusing.

"I've seen several accidents at this intersection over the last few years," he said.

"It's just, just a mess," said Bailey Jones, of Rockwall.

Drivers said they have seen dozens of wrecks. The Dallas Police Department, which has jurisdiction over the intersection, said the actual crash numbers are not currently available.

Tawater said the intersection had a traffic light about a decade ago but was redesigned because traffic started to back up for miles.

"It used to be really bad," she said. "The traffic does flow better; it's just a little more dangerous."

The Texas Department of Transportation said it was aware of the problem.

A traffic study is already on the docket to decide the best solution for signaling traffic at the intersection, TxDOT said. It will not take more than a few months after the study is finished to put up permanent traffic signals if that's what is needed.

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