Residents Protest Beer At City Festival

A decision to allow alcohol at Celina's 30th Fun Day Celebration has some residents upset, even though the move is part of an effort to save attendees money.

Celina Chamber of Commerce President Mitzi Eves said she just wanted to make the festival more affordable when she asked city council to allow people to bring their own coolers and waive open container laws for one day.

The council voted twice approving the move, but some people said they are concerned about preserving a family-friendly outing.

"I think it needs to be a place for the children and I don't think that they need to be exposed to that," Sue Ann Nest said.

Eves said the Celina Independent School District has threatened to pull any student participation in the event if there's any beer near the square. Now she's asking council to rescind their vote.

"We want to grow the community, we don't want there to be any animosity," she said.

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