North Texas

Residents of Tornado-Ravaged Southwind Apartments Receive Assistance

Cleanup from the North Texas tornado outbreak on Oct. 20 continues, and many families struggling to start over got a little help on Thursday.

People who lived in the Southwind Apartments lost everything when the complex was destroyed, but they got some help from a donation drive from Buckner Family Hope Center.

"When you lose everything in 20 seconds, today is the day that people can come get blankets. Today it was really cold... this means hope for our families," said Ricardo Brambila with Buckner Family Hope Center. "This means I can make it, I'm going to make it through."

Toys, diapers, school supplies and other basic necessities were handed out at Foster Elementary School.

Buckner Humanitarian Aid Center in Mesquite also offered space heaters, food boxes, blankets, tarps hygiene kits, drinks, socks and shoes to those in need.

The organization expects to help about 50 to 60 families Thursday alone, that's about 200 people.

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